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- Staithes, Robin Hoods Bay, York, Whitby, Yorkshire Dales, Haworth, Gunnerside,  Hawes, Grassington, Hovingham

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I’m planning a trip to Italy with my mom.

Should we go on a tour? Figure things out on our own? Special places? Tips? Suggestions? 

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Zoom italiaxsempre:

Venice, Italy.


Venice, Italy.

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Nun rocks it on Italy’s ‘The Voice’ singing competition. Listen to Sister Cristina Scuccia belting out Alica Keys’ “No One” here.

Oh my God, the singing nun has the same name as me, this is beautiful 

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This speaks to me.

come to mama

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These strange holes have been appearing in some Russian forests. They seem almost endless.

They appear in the dense forest, in the places you can’t reach in a car or truck to bring any equipment to drill the ground. There is no soil nearby that could have been taken from such deep hole.

When people are brave enough to venture into the holes, they find that they end abruptly in the darkness. There are no reasonable ideas on how these holes appear and what they are being used for. No one knows who or what is digging these holes or why.

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Venezia 2013

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For those of you who speak french….

I’ve been wanting to get the phrase “l’histoire d’une ame” (The Story of a Soul” for quite some time now. It’s the title of the autobiography from St Therese, which I love dearly. 

I don’t speak french though. Would the French phrase make sense as a tattoo, properly conveying the meaning of the English interpretation? Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?

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Zoom bluepueblo:

The Highlands, Scotland
photo via nicole


The Highlands, Scotland

photo via nicole

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Zoom wehadfacesthen:

Notre-Dame de Paris, 1953, photo by Albert Monier
via mimbeau


Notre-Dame de Paris, 1953, photo by Albert Monier

via mimbeau

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Zoom travelingcolors:

Almudena Cathedral, Madrid | Spain (by ces@r_)
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lol people here know I’m foreign because they can’t understand my accent at times. 

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Zoom eurotripper:

sintra, portugal 


sintra, portugal 

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A creepy and anonymous clown has been terrifying residents of Northampton England by standing around on street corners and staring at passers-by. The clown, who bears a striking resemblance to Pennywise from the Stephen King-inspired 1990 horror film, IT, first appeared on Friday 13th and was spotted again over the weekend.According to the  Northampton Herald and Post  the red haired, white faced clown has appeared in several locations in the Abington and Kingsley areas of the town.

He is also sometimes seen carrying a clown teddy.The newspaper also reports that the clown knocked on someone’s door and offered to paint their window sills despite having no painting equipment.The newspaper reported: “He doesn’t juggle. He doesn’t twist balloons into animal shapes. He just stares.”The creepy jester even has his own Facebook page featuring a picture of the murderous clown Pennywise.

The sightings of the clown have prompted the Twitter hashtag #northamptonclown which is being used to speculate on reasons for the clown’s appearance - with some suggesting it could be part of publicity stunt.An irrational fear of clowns has come to be known as as coulrophobia. The prefix “coulro” comes from the ancient Greek word for “one who walks on stilts.”Symptoms include feelings of dread, increased heartbeat, sweating, nausea and anger.A University of Sheffield study from 2008 found that out of 250 children aged four to 16 images of a clown were widely disliked. The researchers said clowns were “universally disliked by children” and that “some found them quite frightening and unknowable.”Perhaps the most famous killer clown was the child murdering monster Pennywise from the 1990 television movie IT. However the killer clown has been a regular feature of several horror films including Clownhouse, Mr Jingles and 2004’s In Fear of Clowns.

The genre also includes the 1988 classic ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’, which had the tagline: “In Space No One Can Eat Ice Cream”.

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